About Us

Mission Statement

Inspire and grow the local cybersecurity expertise thru a world class certified organization to grow exceptional talent and expertise thru membership and build a strong local cybersecurity community.

Board of Directors


Frank Simorjay, CISSP

Frank Simorjay

Frank Simorjay is a Principal Program Manager for the Industry Cloud Solutions team at Microsoft. He is a cloud security architect and content developer with an extensive library of security content for Microsoft. He is passionate about promoting security computing, smart cloud adoption, and Internet of Things (IoT) security. He also enjoys working with LLMs. He is a CISSP and ISSA Distinguished Fellow and has been recognized as a distinguished fellow with the Association. He is also the founder of the ISC2 Seattle chapter and ISSA Puget Sound.

Contact Frank at: president@isc2seattle.org

Vice President

Jean Pawluk, CISSP

Jean Pawluk

Accomplished executive leader, architect, and security strategist with deep technical & business expertise and practical people skills. Gets things done.

Always curious, often creative. My favorite question is Why ? followed by What if ?

My ongoing research focus is in the convergence of and the use and abuse of emerging technologies and security including blockchain, augmented reality (AR / VR), quantum computing , AI and machine learning , the Internet of Things (IoT) and synthetic biology.

Honored to be both a SC magazine 2015 Security Woman of Influence and a ISSA Distinguished Fellow.


Lori Murray, CISSP

Lori Murray

Experienced Senior Principal System Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the Computer & Network Security industry. Skilled in Information Assurance, Intrusion Detection, Information Security, Security Engineering, and Systems Engineering. Strong information technology professional with a Doctor of Philosophy – PhD focused in Computer Engineering – Secure and Reliable Computing from Iowa State University.


Jake Bernstein, CISSP

Jake Bernstein

Data Protection and Cybersecurity attorney with regulatory and enforcement background and a high degree of technical computer knowledge. I help clients figure out their cybersecurity and privacy risks and how to manage those risks while staying focused on business needs and practical realities.

Finally, I am the co-host of The Cyber Risk Management Podcast, a bi-monthly podcast that discusses cyber risk management from the perspective of a CISO and practicing cybersecurity attorney. Join our audience at http://www.thecyberriskmanagementpodcast.com!


Melodye Yamada, CISSP

Melodye Yamada

Active in cyber and information security since 1999. Obtained CISSP in 2006 and have been a member of various local security organizations including SWiCSIS.


Agnes Goss

Agnes Goss

Project management professional delivering business and technical solutions in diverse and challenging environments. Extensive experience in planning and implementing complex programs and projects, managing cross-functional teams and motivating people to action. Proven leader who can enhance communication differences between technical and business teams. Skilled in capacity planning, financial analysis and process improvement.

Contact Agnes at: communication@isc2seattle.org


Stephen Bellville, CISSP

Stephen Bellville

With a deep passion for cybersecurity, Stephen achieved his CISSP certification in 2012 and completed a Masters in Cybersecurity Management and Policy from the University of Maryland. His distinguished career in the Marine Corps has provided him with challenging and rewarding experiences. Stephen is excited to utilize his expertise to support the local ISC2 Chapter.

Contact Stephen at: webmaster@isc2seattle.org


Paul Pottorff, CISSP

Paul Pottorff

Paul is an ISC2 member and CISSP since 2014. He’s a graduate of the UWT Masters in Cybersecurity & Leadership program, has lectured cybersecurity for UW Continuum. For many years, Paul and other ISC2 & ISSA-PS chapter members have helped organize and deliver CISSP bootcamps. We have helped many earn their certifications, and we look forward to helping more!


David Rider

David Rider

David is a software engineer specializing in Site Reliability Engineer at Microsoft. He has a passion for security and is constantly learning more and upskilling. With a BS in Computer Science from Oregon State and a BA in English Literature from Auburn University, he is now pursuing a Masters in Cybersecurity. He is interested in web application, network, and LLM security.

AV Director

Micah Blanton

As a skilled audio and video professional transitioning from
the film industry to cybersecurity, I am excited to lend my creative flair and
technical skills to the efforts of ISC2. With a passion for storytelling and
a commitment to digital safety, I aim to protect organizations from evolving
cyber threats.