Bryan Hurd | Thursday, Jan 5, 2023

There be dragons - Navigating the Edge of the Cyber World - Threats, Insurance, and Executive Challenges

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Presented by a “seasoned cyber smoke jumper” who has handled thousands of breach events, espionage investigations, and is also a cyber insurance expert. This session is designed for Risk Officers, CEOs, COOs, General Counsels and CISOs in relation to cyber security. The presentation will cover technical threats including ransomware attacks, intrusions, email compromises, invoice scams, and other major incidents that can create significant financial losses and sometimes even mean the extinction of organizations. It will furnish insights from the insurance industry, discuss pertinent areas in the underwriting process that can help companies be ahead of the threat, and provide proactive measures that executives can do today to mitigate risk. The session will also cover what it’s really like to be in the boardroom during a cyber event. The session will include an interactive Q&A.


Mr. Bryan E. Hurd, a leader within at Aon Cyber Solutions, is a globally recognized computer forensics leader and expert in cyber crisis response, investigations, and operations to fight espionage, terrorism, organized crime groups and criminals. Bryan was the founder of the Cyber Counterintelligence program for the US Navy at the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) in 1994 and has gone on to hold executive positions as first Director of Intelligence for the Digital Crimes Unit within the Microsoft Cyber Crime Center, founding the computer forensics program at EDS (Now HP) and was the executive in charge of innovation for the entire US watchlisting system as the Chief of Operations, Director of Terrorist Identities at the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) within the Director of National Intelligence (DNI).

Bryan is a globally recognized keynote speaker, serves on several corporate boards, and leads some of the most significant breach responses in Canada and the US today in his role as Chief of Office, Seattle, at Aon Cyber Solutions (formerly Stroz Friedberg). He also works with global clients on testing, advisory, executive table tops and other efforts improving cyber security, including helping organizations, portfolio companies, and entire states, in acquiring cyber insurance.